Establishment of Fact Checking Network

Establishment of Fact Checking Network

Project Duration: August 2018 - March 2019

Project goal and objectives

The goal of the project is to enable media in Armenia to provide accurate, unbiased and balances presentation of facts, news, developments and to equip media representatives with the skills of fact checking, in order to minimize disinformation dissemination risks, public misperceptions and increase objective knowledge of important issues among general public.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Introduce and pilot mechanisms of fact checking communication among media, civil society, state and international institutions;

  • Establish a non-formal network of fact-checking journalists based on the signed code of principles.

  • Activate Public Awareness and Media Literacy efforts on fact-checking.  

Project description

The major focus of the project will be development and application of fact checking mechanisms involving major stakeholders to promote the culture of publication of accurate and true information on economic, social and political developments in Armenia.

As a first step, the Public Journalism Club will undertake a small study on current fact-checking tools and mechanisms that could be adapted and applied for local/Armenian realities, in a form of a Journalistic Manual. The Manual will be an online tool, available for larger public, that will include both textual and video tutorials and tips on fact-checking techniques.

In addition, workshops will be carried out for  representatives of media organizations, NGOs, as well as human rights defenders, civil society organization, state and international institutions to present the manual and discuss opportunities and challenges of application of fact checking tools in Armenia.

Eight pilot fact-checking studies to be done by local journalists that will be published both in local media, and on a platform  that will be developed on PJC website dedicated to Fact Checking Network, where all findings and fact-checking reports will be published.

Establishing Fact Checking Network” project is funded by the US German Marshal Fund’s Black Sea Trust project as well as by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development within the frameworks of “Media for Informed Civic Engagement” project.  




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